Finland – Suomi

Finland is located near Sweden, Russian, and Norway. Here is so unique nature, lakes, cities, and buildings. Finland’s capital city is Helsinki, Helsingfors. Here in Finland live about 5,5 million people.

Finland is the happiest country in the world in 2018 listed (The Guardian). So Finns are a little shy, quote, own space needed people.

Somebody may say we drink a lot of coffee or alcohol, but young people don’t always drink at all and they study a lot. We have good justice, school system, and nature. Women’s can vote, go study and work too. Here it is peaceful to live and be. We have good homes, stores, and all business.

We like camping, outdoor, activities, and fishing. Finland is a safe place. Finns you can trust. We even return missing things to the police or to the lost and found a place. Our summer is short but beautiful, sunny, sometimes raining. We don’t like mosquito’s or too hot weather, because we burn in the sun. Hah! 😀

I can recommend a few places to visit in Finland:
-Helsinki, Helsingfors
-Lappi, Lapland

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