Dieting or lifestyle changes?


Dieting is like eating in a certain way, like diets that can be used to lose or gain weight. There are many different eating versions and styles that you can just imagine. In dieting, you eat less energy or don’t eat specific foods, drinks, or sweets. I tried the keto diet example. It was okay but I wouldn’t recommend it if you have some issues with your eating.

Lifestyle changes

Lifestyle changes are more permanent change than dieting. I prefer lifestyle changes because you can be healthier and make changes at your own pace. Dieting is a short period and lifestyle changes are a more permanent thing. I want to enjoy life and live by my own pace, without tight discipline. I want to listen to my body and make the changes that it really needs.

5 ways to change your lifestyle

1. Do small changes to your daily routines
2. Set low goals
3. Listen to your body
4. Eat breakfast
5. Do healthier choices by daily

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