A love letter to yourself

So I wrote a love letter to myself a few months ago.

This is it.

I know you been through a lot. A lot of pain, suffer and anxiety.
One girl from a big family. Shy. Quiet. Never travel so far away.
Remember why you ever started this. Blogging, writing, and exploring the world.
You want to see the world. You want to explore and visit different places.
You want to find your own place. You know it in your heart.
Feel it. Listen closely. Remember to breathe.
You want to inspire people and get inspire yourself too.
You are passionate about writing and photographing. Telling your story.
Be brave. You can do it. You can tell your story.
You want to live freely and travel more. You want to be happy.
You want to spend more time with your family and friends.
Your goal is to help others to find their purpose in life by coaching.
You want to live your dream life.

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