Hero of work place

I got to be hero of my work place. All my co-workers voted for me. I was chosen also by our leader. I was nominated to be as hero. What a great way to start this week!

I am customer-oriented, creative, present, active and always trying to do something fun with our clients (elderly people). This is some of what they sayed that I am. It was just a honor.

I am always trying my best. And try to do every day and every client happy some how. I like to work with people. And do good with my work.

I think we can do a lot. With kindness, respect, listening and really paying attention to what is happening around us. I am very emotional person and I feel a lot what others feel and go through.

With my business also I like to hear what other people are going through and how I can help them to live better life. I think I have grown so much since past year. I have become intuitive wellness coach and mentor to other people.

If you need any help with your life, just DM me and I am here to help or listen.

IG: strongerwellnessjourney

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