Tattoo inspiration part 2

I wrote for my tattoo inspiration earlier in 2019 and it is a really popular post.

Here it is:

And here is my arm now. What I got it for. There are my words for me STAY STRONG. I remember always my past and how I have overcome a lot.

And the flower picture was one of them that I got inspiration. In tattoo studio we changed one leaves to a flower. So there is one flower to my every siblings. Because I have 6! Yes! I love my family. We are different ages so the youngest is the smaller one and the biggest is the older one. 🙂

I love my tattoos.

Here are my inspiration photos for my next tattoo in the future. It is for me now. Is it going to be my right arm but I don’t know yet it is going to be my arm at the bottom or up. I have to think about it.

This I really like with the bird.

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