I wanted to write a post about what other people and society expect from us. What we have learned as we grow up. How family, friends influence us. How we do things and make decisions including other people’s expectations and opinions. Do we? 

As we grow up, we learn how to behave and how to make decisions. Like with education, growing, and career path. How some job suite better for girls and other ones for boys. Is it that way? 

Grow up. Go to school. Get a degree and a great job. Build a family.

How people and the environment influence you as you grow up. You try to fit in. Be like everybody else. 
You were the same jeans as your friend. You listen to the same kind of music as everybody else. 

Is this the right path? 

What if you could be yourself? Because you can! 

Wear just the clothes you love and want to. 

Listen to the music you love. 

Buy your favorite flowers. 

Find your people. 

Study what you love and feel like you want to do in the future. What is your passion? 

Be you, unique as you are, the way you are. 

With your own thoughts, passions, and visions. 

If you want to find your own vision, I am a wellness coach and mentor. You can message me on Instagram @strongerwellnessjourney

I am happy to help. 

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