Shame on me


It is big emotion and feeling.

I felt it just a moment ago.

I felt like, I was doing something wrong..

And it felt massive.

I felt dirty.

I felt about myself negative way.

How somebody is saying to me that I am doing this the wrong way.

I shouldn’t do this..

I should just cancel my plans..

I wanted to crawl under my planket and disappear.

I didn’t want to see anyone.

I didn’t want to name this feeling.

I didn’t want to feel it.

This is not the only time I felt it.

I have felt it before too.

When somebody commented on my look, body or weight..

When somebody sayed to me something bad about me..

When I was doing something wrong and I noticed it after that (I wasn’t able to do the opposite way anymore or say I am sorry).

Nobody didn’t teach me, how to notice and name these feelings.

What is normal and how can you accept this emotion?

First notice and name the feeling.

Try to notice, where you feel this emotion in your body.

Try to accept this emotion that you are feeling in your life.

We can’t always run away from what we feel.

It isn’t fast and healthy way to work with emotions.

You can hide it.

But is it good for you?

Is that something what others expect from you?

You are here for being better version of yourself and for the world. Your family, friends and people around you should accept you with your emotions.

Feeling shame IS NORMAL, although it is hard to feel.

But the words, actions and ways other people makes you feel ashamed or bad ISN’T NORMAL.

This is not fair to you or others, who feel ashamed.

Please, can we stop humiliating and treating each other badly in this world?

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