Highlights of this year 2021

I want to share with you guys some of my memories from this year 2021.

This is it with pictures.

I will write few sentences with the pic.

Some of my highlights of the year 2021

1. I try to remember to treat myself well. Buy my favorite flowers or make my favorite food. Why not?

2. One of my favorite tree and color.

3. Spring vibes! I just love this season, when nature is blooming and so green.

4. Family-time and scrabble game. My grandmother likes these kind of things, so I gave her this as a gift. We had a fun time!

5. Autumn was coming but there was still beautiful warm days.

6. I love being in nature and around water, rivers, sea or lakes. I love sunrise and sunset. But there is also something healing power on raining, snowing and night sky.

7. In last fall I went to see therapist again. I realised many difficult things about myself and my personal history from the past. It was time to face it.

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