Earthy wonderer -podcast is on! 🎧

I’ve been thinking for a while to start sharing my voice and inner world with you. Now is the time for me to start and honestly speak up.

This Podcast is all about creating compassion, understanding and support.

There will be also intuitive, truthful and meaningful speaking.

Welcome to this journey with me!

This podcast is all about wondering and speaking this world that we live in, into a real words and to us to hear about.

I am speaking about self-awareness, self-development and intuitive topics

These topics are..
– spiritual path
– healing
– wellbeing
– ‘ahaa’-moments
– connections
– feelings and emotions
– understanding, changing and learning
– life purpose and values

First trailer of earthy wonderer

You are not alone here wondering what is this life all about and how we can make it better.

I am usually in my head thinking something.. I feel life very deeply and I think this is very multilayered of being here.

It is not always simple but we can learn and understand more when we get to know ourself and others.

So this is raw and honest introducing of this podcast.

What it is all about and what I wanna share with you guys?
How I wanna do this?

Are you ready for it?

So, we’ll hear again, soon..

Sincerely, Tiia

Link here to listen the trailer:

Raw start for this podcast

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