I was you before I started my own social media business.

I was unhappy at work. I worked 8 hours per day, from 8 am-4 pm.

I had fear and doubts about myself and my skills.

Then something happened.

I founded this opportunity.

I started my business without fear or doubts.

Before I didn’t know how to do this.

In this business, you can work from anywhere you want to.

You get full coaching and mentorship.

I have grown and learned so much.

I have a more positive attitude for everything.

I believe in myself! Now I know what I wanna do.

I have found new inspiration and vision, how I want to grow my business.

What happens if you continue, and do nothing for your future?

You are there where you are, never grow or progress anywhere.

If you want to hear more about this opportunity, send me a message or comment on Social media. Links are at the top of this page. I am here to help you!

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A story about how social media business change my life

I have studied a lot. I became a nurse and elderly care professional. I have worked for over 5 years in elderly care homes. I liked my job but I am a very empathetic person, so I get tired for that reason. I always thought I could do so much more or something else but I didn’t know what that would be.

By starting my own social media business, I got more freedom and creativity. I want to this for living at some point in the future. I will invest my best in this. I want to help others to achieve their dreams and visions in life too because I have found the best way to start your own social media business.

I think the future is bright and hopeful. I’m more positive and more vivid. I have let go of fear and doubts. I have faced it and moved on to my journey. I am going to be stronger!

If you want to start your own social media business, I am here to help you.
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STORY of how I believe myself

STORY of how I believe myself

At first, when I started my social media business, I was excited and very ready to take all actions that I needed to make. After a few days, I felt second doubts and fear about myself and my skills. I was terrified. I can’t do this! Do I know how to do it?

I had to felt those feelings, fear, doubts, and bad feelings to be where I am now. I really believe myself. I faced those feelings and moved on.

It is important to feel also negative feelings, so you can improve yourself. So you can be braver, have the courage you need to, and for being stronger than you ever been before. Say to yourself ”I believe myself!”.


Work with me!

Work with me!

If you are interested about starting your own online freedom business,
you can work with me!

I am happy to help and guide you through it.

Here is my calendar link, you can book a call with me,
if you are interested!


Jos olet kiinnostunut aloittamaan oman sosiaalisen median yrityksen,
voit työskennellä minun kanssani!

Autan mielelläni sinua ja ohjaan läpi eri askeleita.

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jos olet kiinnostunut!


Watch a free web class!

If you are interested in starting your own social media business and
are interested in this opportunity to learn it with the best coaches!

You are in the right place!

This is your opportunity to start your online freedom business!

Are you ready for it?

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Haluatko aloittaa sosiaalisen median yrityksen apunasi mahtavat mentorit?
Tartu tähän ainutlaatuiseen tilaisuuteen!

Olet oikeassa paikassa!

Tämä on sinun mahdollisuutesi aloittaa oma sosiaalisen median yritys!

Oletko valmis siihen?

Katso ilmainen webinaari alla olevan linkin kautta,
jonka jälkeen pääset rekisteröitymään!

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Hey there, I am Tiia..

Hey there,

I am Tiia and I am a wellness coach!

I live in Finland and I have studied before for elderly care professional.

I have had about 8 years of experience in elderly care.

I like my job but I want to achieve more in the future and develop myself.

I want to inspire other people and help others with mental health and wellness.

I want to write about wellness, wellbeing, and mindfulness.

I want to help other people to achieve their dreams and visions in life.
This is why I started my own business. I want to be a mentor to other people.

I have learned a lot through my life, so I feel like I can share my knowledge with others with my posts and writings.

5 facts about me:
1. I love animals and nature
2. I like gardening
3. I am creative
4. I like to write
5. I like spring, summer, and fall seasonings.

If you are interested to work with me, contact me via message.

Or just apply here:


How to get more confidence?

How to get more confidence?

I’ve been quite shy before. I know how it feels when you don’t have a lot of confidence to do new things.

If somebody would ask me to do live 6 months ago, I would run away and fast.

Because I didn’t have confidence.

How to build confidence?
– By taking actions
– Getting out of your comfort zone
– Talk to people
– Talk to yourself like a friend
– By believing in yourself

Since these past two months, I have spoken to over 2.000 people my journey, going live for the first time just a couple of weeks ago.

I am more confident and believe in myself more.


How to get over uncertainty?

How to get over uncertainty?

I had time in fall now when it was uncertain.

I quit my job and I had some uncertain situations,
where I didn’t know how to move on with things.

So I did take a step back.

I meditate and did some yoga, spend time in nature.

I did do journaling. I wrote down my thoughts and doubts.

I didn’t give up.

I did gratitude journaling and visualization. I did do some exercise too.

I started to BELIEVE in myself.

I need less negativity.

I need more confidence, belief, and faith.

I need to continue and start my day with a positive outcome.

Some affirmations that have helped me:
I am enough.

I deserve all the good in life.

My heart is open.

The universe is awesome, so I am.

I am brilliant, bright, and beautiful.

(From the book by Jen Sincero “You are a badass”)


I am afraid the word NO

I am afraid the word NO.

I’ve been running my own business now for a couple of months.

It’s been quite good but there have been ups and downs.

I’ve been learning a lot of new things about network marketing.

How to speak to people and connect with people.

It is not always easy, because sometimes you don’t get answers back or you get the word NO.

I am afraid of the word NO because it doesn’t feel good and I feel like a child who got the word NO from a friend again. I feel rejected.

But I am learning that everybody doesn’t resonate with my messages.

I am learning to understand the word NO.

It doesn’t mean that I am a bad person or my message is wrong.

There just need to be the right person to get my message, so they can resonate with it

Are you one of them?

I am offering 1 to 1 coaching program and calls to people who want to be a coach and mentor to other people. And is interested in health and wellness, want to promote it?

If you are interested in this opportunity, send me a message or like this post. I will get back to you ASAP.

I have just 5 places for awesome people to start their own social media business and network marketing journey.

Are you ready for it?


I am growing

I am growing…

I am learning new things.

I am expanding.

I want to be a better version by myself.

I am not perfect. I can be better.

I’ve been growing more these past 6 months than ever before.

Why? I started my own social media business and started to develop myself.

How? By reading, exercising, meditation, and visualization. These I usually do in the morning or afternoon.

At the end of the night, I do gratitude journaling.

I couldn’t do this alone. With the right help, coaches and opportunities help me move on with my journey.

If you are interested in hearing more about this opportunity, just DM me or like this post.


How to start an online business

If you want to live the life you’ve never lived,
you have to do things you’ve ever done.
– Jen Sincero

You have to start somewhere and try your very best. 

I would start with your personal development.

You have to do things you’ve done before.
You have to try new things.
You have to start.
You have to change…

This is just the beginning. It is a journey. Spiritual journey as well.

I’ve been doing this for a couple of months now.

I wouldn’t change anything.

I have learned so much. About network marketing, social skills,
digital stuff and personal growth.

I have made mistakes. I have had doubts, fear also.
About starting something new. It can be scary.

I am here to help you and guide you along.
If you are interested in this opportunity, message me on Instagram.

If you want to start your own online business, message me on Instagram.

You find the link up on this site.


When everything changed for me…

I went from lost wellness blogger with no offer to passionate business owner with a long-term vision!

It was July last year when everything changed for me.

I joined an awesome community of entrepreneurs,
who work to develop themselves and succeed in life.

Before I joined this community…
I was shy and hid behind my blog
I was uncertain about where I was taking my blog
I was lost in my vision
I was unhappy and stagnant

Then everything started to change day by day,
week by week.

With the support of an amazing community and tools to help me move forward in my personal and business growth…

I started learning new things about myself and network marketing with like-minded individuals.

I launched my own social media based business.

I started believing in myself.

I told my story LIVE to a group of 2,000 people.

I started to experience forward motion in my life.


Looking outside of the box.
Reading more self-development books.
Meditating and exercising.
Talking to new people and making connections.

Now you have a chance to join a free challenge to change and level up your life in lockdown 2021.

This is for you if you’re looking to increase your confidence, set new life goals, and challenge your perspective in life.

Message me to take the challenge!

Ready. Set. Go.

Comment on this post or message me on Instagram if you want to take the challenge! (IG: @strongerwellnessjourney)


Taking real responsibility…

Taking real responsibility…

about your life, work and health.

What things you need to change in your life?

Is it rest, healthy food, drinking more water or regular exercise?

Or how you spend money?

Do we surround ourselves with kind people?

How we can change our life?

By living the life what we are passionate about.

Healthy habits, meditating, praying, healthy food and clean water.

I am going to do the changes in my life what I need to do.

I have started already my healthy lifestyle change few years ago.

If you need any help, support or tips for it, you can reach out to me! DM me and let’s chat! 😊

Are you ready for it? 💫

You find my Instagram at top of this site! 🙂


Follow your heart

Follow your heart 

You know deep down where it takes you

Listen closely

Feel the beat

Try to look outside of the box

Follow your dreams

Take one step at time

Try to follow your dreams day by day, week by week

Write it down

Take a photo

Listen to your heart

Follow your heart


My business and spiritual journey

I’ve been on a spiritual journey for few years now. I writed post about this earlier.

You find it here:

I’ve been on my business journey for 10 months now. I have learned so much. About myself and the people around me.

I have learned that I was shy before and didn’t have enough confidence to do new things or speak to new people. I didn’t trust people. Why? Because I was afraid. And uncertain and uncomfortable. Now I trust people.

My biggest excuse was that I wasn’t good enough to speak to people. This was something with I struggled last year. I was afraid to use my own voice a few years ago. It goes back to my childhood when I was in school, I was shy and wasn’t able to speak up in front of the class.

I was also critical to myself and I was demanding to myself. I spoke to myself negative way. Now I forgive myself. I’ve been tough to myself and demanded a lot more than I can handle.

I have got new confidence and had some transformation. I am more positive and I try to talk to myself like a friend. I have got better with camera and videos. I have made new friends. And I love it!

I want to help others and help them find their purpose of life. I would advise all new business owners: trust yourself. Make mistakes but learn from them. Read new books and do journal. Talk to people and connect with them.

You can achieve what you dream of. Just follow your heart. Everything you need is already inside of you! ❤

Comment below if you can relate to me! 🙂