Our choices matters

Yesterday was the world environment day 🌍

I wanna share these few moments with you.

I wanna show you what it really means to me, when I have paused everything and just being present in this moment.

(*watch the video in below*)

I am wondering..

How we spend this moment all the time (beyond time) matters the most.

I am not saying we need to be perfect.

But I know that we can do better.

I wish that we could realise all around the world that our values, thoughts, visions, believes, and choices matters now, tomorrow and in the future.

I believe it is important to have higher meaning of living and being.

We need to appreciate…
♡ this moment more
♡ this earth, how unique it really is?
♡ nature around us
♡ air that we breathe every moment
♡ growing plants, trees, foods and beings
♡ water
♡ natural cycles of seasons and nature

We need to take care of this world with our hearts, minds and souls.

We can choose.

We can make better choices for tomorrow’s greener day and for this world future.

What will you choose?