Minimalism lifestyle

Minimalism lifestyle

I watch the minimalism documentary from Netflix a few years back. My sister recommended it. It was a turning point for me because it just ‘opened my eyes’. I have previously read about Conmari methods and some articles about it. I haven’t read a book about it.

So, I like the minimalist lifestyle and I felt like that, it could be something to try out and become familiar with more. I would want to read more about this minimalism lifestyle and method.

I followed the minimalist Facebook site. Here is a link to the Facebook site of the minimalists. Best friends Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus thought they have everything that they need until they didn’t want the usual life and lifestyle anymore. They both discovered this lifestyle of minimalism and everything changed. “Joshua & Ryan have garnered an audience of more than 20 million readers, listeners, and viewers”. ->

I haven’t really done yet all the steps, what I could do. Last winter, I took a flea market table and sold more than 30 items as well as the clothes of the home’s closet. It is one way to get rid of clothes and goods that you don’t longer need or use. At the same time, I got cleaned out of storage and closets. I just want to keep in the house just the goods that I use, or I like. In clothes, I prefer those that are comfortable and durable. I want to wear clothes what make me happy and what suit me.

Here are some links to read about minimalism lifestyle:

– The Minimalists:
– In Finnish:



First steps for the minimalism lifestyle

I did do also a few challenges last year. I started from seven days challenge and move on to the month-long challenge. I wanted to take some time for this thought and think peacefully what I want to keep in my life and where I want to give up. It was a good start for this lifestyle. Pinterest is good for some inspiration.

I think also that it’s good to think about how to spend money and goods in life in general. What I really need? Where do I want to spend money and invest in life?

The first step I did, was to reduce the number of goods at home and work. Reducing goods also is a positive effect on body and mind. Simplification reduces confusion, commodity and the order of the home. Then there is room and time for everything else. Such as family, close friends, hobbies and work. It is also easier to clean your home! 😉

To achieve this finish outcome, cleaning, organizing and brainwork are required. Relaxation and being is also part of life.

Have you guys heard about this minimalism lifestyle? Or developed it in life? 🙂




I would wanna do this next..this is from pinterest.