How to get over uncertainty?

How to get over uncertainty?

I had time in fall now when it was uncertain.

I quit my job and I had some uncertain situations,
where I didn’t know how to move on with things.

So I did take a step back.

I meditate and did some yoga, spend time in nature.

I did do journaling. I wrote down my thoughts and doubts.

I didn’t give up.

I did gratitude journaling and visualization. I did do some exercise too.

I started to BELIEVE in myself.

I need less negativity.

I need more confidence, belief, and faith.

I need to continue and start my day with a positive outcome.

Some affirmations that have helped me:
I am enough.

I deserve all the good in life.

My heart is open.

The universe is awesome, so I am.

I am brilliant, bright, and beautiful.

(From the book by Jen Sincero “You are a badass”)

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