I wanted to write a post about mental health because it is important subject to me.

I have suffer anxiety and depression few years ago. I have been lonely, sad, worried, or stressful. I have been really upset. I cry usually when emotions go deep inside and something hurts me.

I have been happy, glad, joyful, calm, and peaceful.

All emotions are okay. All emotions can be heard, felt or beaten.

My tips for better mental health:
– remember your basic need⁣s
– go outside and breathe
– talk to a friend or family
– get help although it is difficult to ask for it
– listen to your favorite music

All people are unique..they also go through different situation and likes different things. That is okay.

You can’t know what individual person is going through. Ask how they are? Ask how you can help if you want to?

Nature is something what helps me when I am heeling down or sad. Walking outside always brings me joy and calmness. You can breath fresh air and clear your thoughts.

I hope this post can help someone, just one person at least. I am not professional but I have been going through rough times. So I can speak from that experience.

I hope you all the best. Sunny days and happiness.


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