How to beat anxiety?

Face the problem
Anxiety can be difficult to deal with, it can be overwhelming. But you can beat it if you want to. It is good to face it, although it can be difficult. It is important to face the problem as it is. So you can get perspective and look it from outside the box. You see things clearer and you get more peace.

Worry time
If you worry a lot, you could do some worry time instead. Then you get more time for yourself and your worries don’t get bigger. It is good to try out. Write 15 minutes by the evening your worries down and then leave them away. Just let it be and you clear your mind.

Speak for someone
Speak for someone you trust. It can help you to clear your mind and your thoughts can be something else than your worries or anxiety.

Stay focus
Do something that you like and you get to think something else than your anxiety. Wash your dishes or listen to music.

Remember to breathe deeply. Your body is going to relax.

Slow down
Take a break and slow down. Take a two-step behind. Your body needs something relaxing thing to do so it can calm you down.

Go for a walk
Walking outside can clear your mind and you get something else to do. Walking can be like meditation. You just walk and breath, look around you. 

Journaling can help you with your thoughts and you can write down what feelings you are facing. When you journal, you can push the thoughts away and move on.  

Mindfulness or meditation
Do some mindfulness or meditation exercises. You find good videos from Youtube. 

Lower your stress levels
Check your calendar. Take time for yourself. 

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