Don’t forget yourself

Remember yourself always every day, every place, and in every relationship.

Remember yourself right now.

Don’t forger yourself.

What is important for you?

What do you like about?

What is your favorite food?

What you need right now or today?

What is your biggest dreams and goals in life?

Don’t forget to dream and hope something more.

Don’t be someone else.

You can be you.

You can be silly if you want to, just the way you are with all your sides. As funny, weird, silly, happy, emotional, shy, outgoing, social, quiet or loud if you want to and how much you like to be.

It is your choice.

Walk away from someone who don’t respect you or treat you well.

Don’t believe lies or deceived promises.

You don’t have to do everything what other people ask you to do.

You can say no. You can choose.

You don’t have to participate for some events if you aren’t capable for those.

You don’t have to drink alcohol if you don’t like it or want to.

You can choose positive attitude, healthy choices or hope.

You can choose better and safe relationships, where you are treated well and equally.

You can be a friend with yourself first. Then you can treat yourself better with company of others.

Then you will not let anyone treat you badly.

You can respect yourself and others.

You can be you.

I hope peace for every people around the world.

I hope you can find you way out.

I hope for you a sence of security, trust and new opportunities to grow, learn and be safe.

I hope you find your home.

With your inner soul and heart.

With love, peace and power,


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