I am sensitive and I can’t change it

Just last time I heard today.. ⁣

are you taking this too heavy?⁣

are you in the right field if you are so sensitive?⁣


I am who I am.⁣

I can’t change my personal sensitivity and vulnerability.⁣

All people around me don’t understand it. ⁣

Why my body, nervous system and senses works differently. ⁣

I am changing all the time.⁣

I am learning to be who I am and I respect myself enough. ⁣

I am respecting others.⁣

I see the world with multiple colors, shapes and seasons.⁣

I can instill what others are feeling about or if something is wrong.⁣

I can see the pain and unspoken words between the lines. ⁣

Sometimes I can’t hide my feelings or facial expressions.⁣

Sometimes I cry and I just can’t stop it.⁣

I feel a lot. ⁣

Sometimes it feels like my heart is tired, little bit broken or just everything feels too much. ⁣

I need more me-time alone without anyone speaking or being around me.⁣

I need to rest and take care of myself, my body and mind.⁣

I need to breathe deep.⁣

I need to listen to my heart.

I hope that society and others accept sensitivity and different individuals just like everyone here.⁣

Being genuine and helping others are starting to feel more rarer in the world.⁣

Now I am going to put my phone away and rest. ⁣

Have a peaceful rest of the week 💛

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